Student Device Policy (September 2022)

Guiding Principles:

  • Responsible technology use can enhance learning and promote engagement.

  • Mobile technology use is part of everyday life and students must develop the necessary skills to use it effectively.

  • Teachers will continue to incorporate opportunities to use technology in the classroom to enhance learning.

  • Technology use impacts our mental health and wellness in both positive and negative ways.

(FICA - 2022)- Student Cell Phone and Internet Connected Device Use

Student Device Use
(effective as of March 22nd, 2021)

All Students

  • Students will be expected to place their device in a safe & secure area of the classroom (or their locker) during instructional time.

  • Students will need to seek permission to use their device for personal reasons from their teacher.

  • Devices may be confiscated by a teacher or administrator if a student is unable to adhere to this policy.

K - 6 Students:

  • Students should not bring their personal devices to school unless they have the explicit permission of their teacher or a member of the administration.

7 - 12 Students:

  • Students can bring their devices to school.

  • In accordance with NLESD policy, and FICA's Code of Conduct, students can use their devices freely during non-instructional time.

  • At their teacher's discretion, students may keep their devices on their person (ie. pocket, purse, bookbag, etc.). However, teacher's can request, at any point, for the device to placed in a safe & secure location, or the student's locker.

All Families

  • Families may be requested to pick-up a confiscated device if a student repeatedly violates this policy.

  • With the exception of emergencies, refrain or limit contact with their child or children on their (the child’s) device during instructional time.